Coque iphone golf Tips And Tricks For Android Smartphones coque samsung galaxy a5 2017 personnalisée-coque samsung j5 2016 real madrid-lrbeai

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If your smartphone is stolen coque samsung galaxy s3 mini star wars or coque huawei mate 20 lite silicone noire lost, the data contained on the device get into the hands of the thief or finder. Activate the device manager for your smartphone. With the help of Device Manager, you shall be able to coque samsung galaxy a5 samsung locate, lock and erase data or ring it at maximum volume. This can be helpful in determining if it was really stolen or if you just misplaced it. To activate the device manager, go to Settings and select Click on Administrators and select the check mark after Device coque samsung gel Manager Log on to the Device Manager website with your Google credentials to access your smartphone data and some features from here.

2. Expose power guzzlersIf the smartphone battery drains out very quickly, unnecessary power consumption by some Apps may be responsible. To identify them, go to Settings and select You will see the current coque samsung galaxy a3 2016 princesse battery level. Select coque huawei mate 10 lite batman usage to see which application is responsible for more battery consumption.

3. Stop unwanted applicationsMany applications do not close completely when you press the back softkey and continue in the background. This is unnecessary coque gold huawei mate 10 lite and coque huawei 9 mate rose also consumes coque coque noire huawei mate 10 lite samsung galay j5 power. If you want to close these applications completely, go to Settings, select and swipe left until you get to the applications only option. Touch one of the apps. You can now close unwanted Apps in the coque samsung galaxy s6 aimant menu that opens.

4. Show secret spigen coque huawei mate 10 pro menuIf you enter 4636 in the dialling field, you will be presented with a menu that provides interesting information about the phone coque samsung galaxy note chat and the battery. You can do a ping test or learn the battery temperature. There is also a usage statistics and information about the available coque samsung sm-g390f WLAN. (If it does not work, use it through Truecaller). It is one of the best tips and tricks for android smartphones.

5. Allow apps from other providers

If you want to install an coque samsung np270e5e app that does not come from the Play Store but is available to you as an apk file, you must batterie coque samsung s4 change a setting on your smartphone. Forward calls

Ugly mailbox

You set up call forwarding directly in the phone application. Touch the earpiece icon. The three dots in the top right corner will take you to the drop down menu. Touch there. Below you will coque samsung s6 galaxy find the item forwarding coque samsung j3 2017 mercedes under which you can make the appropriate settings.

7. Reduce data consumptionIf you limited data, but use coque samsung s6 edge adidas the internet a lot, it best to use Chrome as your browser on your Android smartphone. Open the settings there and select compression Chrome will compress the websites, consuming up to 30 percent less data.

8. Enable GPU renderingIf your phone is working slow, this trick might help you. Go into the settings. Select Options and tap coque samsung s9 fila Click on the menu item GPU Rendering Put a check mark behind it. The graphics processor of your smartphone meilleur coque samsung a3 2016 will pick up when the CPU reaches its limits, resulting in much better usability of the apps.

9. Find out IMEI numberThe 15 digit IMEI number is a comment enlever coque samsung unique number that identifies your smartphone. This can be important in case your phone is lost or stolen. It is therefore important that you make a note of your IMEI number. You can find them by typing the following coque samsung j7 mickey in the phone application: 06 .

10. However, if you are at home unlocking the phone again and again is often annoying. Through the Smart Lock feature you can set the phone to remain unlocked whenever you are in a specific location. Go to the settings and select Then tap on Lock You can now specify the location where the phone will remain unlocked.

These Tips and Tricks for android smartphone can come in handy anytime. auchan coque samsung j3 Knowing them would not only make you a smart user but also help you unlock the full potential of the android smartphone…

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