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Amazon has come quite a way from when it was just an online bookstore, but it still operates a booming retail business among all its other ventures. A majority of the retail products sold on Amazon aren’t actually sold by Amazon at all but rather by its sprawling network of third party “marketplace” vendors. The company’s relationships with those vendors, coque iphone 6s india foreign and domestic, are at the center of a web of investigations and criticism. coque iphone 7 Third party retailers accounted for about 58% of Amazon’s retail activity in 2018, company CEO Jeff Bezos said coque xr iphone earlier this year, and they sold a cumulative $160 billion worth of goods. But those goods are sold in a “flea market” environment with minimal quality control, leading to ubiquitous counterfeits or recalled goods available for coque iphone 6s miroir noir sale from fly by night merchants. iphone 11 case kate spade iphone 7 8 plus hoesje They’re a feature, present by design. chaussons pokemon Amazon began a deliberate campaign in 2013 urging businesses in China to use its platform to sell directly to international customers, the WSJ writes. In 2017, an Amazon sales director based in China told business leaders in that country, “We help factories directly open accounts on Amazon and sell to US customers directly. cover iphone This is our value.” The company made its website fully available in Mandarin in 2015, and by 2016, its team for recruiting and helping Chinese vendors was up to 150 employees, a former Amazon employee told the WSJ. coque huawei Earlier this year, the Journal found thousands of defective, recalled, or banned items for sale on Amazon. Those goods were sold coque iphone 6s nfl by thousands of different merchants. iphone 11 hoesje Of the nearly 2,000 the WSJ could identify addresses coque iphone 5 clape for, 54% were based in China. As of October, coque cellularline iphone xr about coque iphone 7 plus cat 38% of the 10,000 most reviewed merchant accounts coque iphone 5c cleveland on Amazon were based coque faconnable iphone xr in China, analysts found; that number was around 25% in 2016. Meanwhile, new product listings appear on Amazon from China every 1/50th of a second, according to the WSJ, and that comes with some headaches. “Concerns at Amazon about Chinese listings arose several years ago in its China team, which noticed that, as local sellers flocked to the platform, it saw increasing patterns of fraud, counterfeits, and unsafe products,” former Amazon employees coque iphone xr rigide based in China told the WSJ. coque samsung coque iphone 6 pas cher “Bad actors make up a tiny fraction of activity in our store and, like honest sellers, faire une coque iphone 6s can come from every corner of the world,” Amazon told the WSJ in response. “Regardless of where they are based, coque iphone 5 bambou we work hard to stop bad actors before they can impact the shopping or selling experience in our store.” When Amazon’s the bad actor Amazon’s handling of its US marketplace vendors, meanwhile, is under deep scrutiny by coque incassable iphone xr federal regulators. Bloomberg recently image coque iphone 8 obtained a letter one Amazon merchant sent to the House Antitrust Subcommittee, which is investigating Amazon, accusing the company of anticompetitive acts. Further ReadingAntitrust 101: Why everyone is probing Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google The letter “accuses Amazon of tying its marketplace and logistics services together,” Bloomberg reports using dominance in one business market to gain leverage in another, in a way that violates competition law. coque iphone 5 cover iphone 8 Amazon has focused intensely on increasing its own coque iphone 6 hitman in house coque iphone 6s discrete shipping business in recent years, and it now contracts with hundreds of third party last mile firms to get products from its warehouses to your door. iphone 11 pro hoesje That Prime branded delivery service has continued to grow as competitors such as FedEx have stopped working with Amazon. The merchant alleges that fees for using Amazon logistics have increased by 20% over the past four years coque iphone 7 antichute and now cost as much as 35% more than competing services. coque iphone But vendors are forced into paying the higher fees and coque iphone xs haut de gamme using Amazon anyway, the complaint says, because Amazon promotes discovery for products it can mark as “fulfilled by Amazon” and demotes those that are not. coque iphone star wars iphone 11 case goed samsung hoesje “The coque iphone 5 calvin klein sticks Amazon uses to coerce merchants to use its logistics services are strict penalties, including getting kicked off the platform, for merchants who handle their own logistics,” Bloomberg reports. bijoux bague “Merchants using Amazon logistics services aren’t penalized when coque iphone 7 mustang customer orders arrive late, coque iphone xr paillette even though they frequently do, since that’s Amazon’s responsibility. Those who handle their own logistics face stiff penalties for even minor delivery mishaps, including being suspended from selling on the platform,” the vendor alleges. The coque iphone 6s disney raiponce claims come as Amazon faces antitrust probes in both the US and EU investigating its marketplace. Critics say that the company collects data from third party marketplace sales to coque iphone 5s pailleté choose what it should produce and promote in its own house brands. coque iphone xs “When providing a marketplace for independent sellers, Amazon continuously collects data about the activity on its platform,” the European Commission’s competition bureau said in July. “Based on the Commission’s preliminary fact finding, Amazon appears to use competitively sensitive information about marketplace sellers, their products and transactions on the marketplace,” to boost its own sales. 2020 Cond Nast. 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