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The issue of fake news hasn’t been far from the headlines since Britain voted to leave the European Union, and amazon coque samsung galaxy tab a Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. These unexpected outcomes have been blamed, in part, on “fake news” circulating on social media sites coque officiel iphone xr like Facebook.

There are two problems with fake coque samsung galaxy s2 or news. coque samsung a( 2017 First, it fnac coque samsung a3 2016 is almost completely untrue, like claims that Pope Francis had endorsed coque samsung s7 mr wonderful Donald Trump for President. Second, these fake stories aren’t seen by everyone just the people who the Facebook/Twitter coque samsung galaxy j” news algorithms identify as the most likely to read them.

The real problem is that not everyone can tell the difference between fake and real news. coque antigravite iphone xr coque samsung galaxy grand plus i9060 Surprisingly, young people coque samsung j3 action growing up coque samsung galaxy a6 personnalisé in coque iphone xr rinochield the Internet era seem least able to spot a fake news story.

Scientists think coque samsung wave 3 swag they may have coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 motocross an answer

Having investigated the phenomenon, researchers coque samsung galaxy j5 gta 5 believe they may have developed a ‘vaccine’ against coque samsung a8 marque samsung fake news. Their experiments found that people who are shown real news, followed by a fake news story were much more likely to accept the lies they saw second.

But if the “true” news story referenced fake news and warned about its untrustworthiness first, fewer people were tricked when they came to read the second. The coque samsung galxy s2 research team now believes that by calling out fake news first, people coque invisible iphone xr won’t be fooled when read lies at a later date.

No protection is fool proof

Obviously there are a few problems with this proposed vaccine. Which makes writing news even harder than it already is.

Second, the exact same “vaccine” can be used by used by fake news outlets to make their own stories even more credible. Presenting a fake story and discrediting the truth in it could have a similar coque samsung galaxy grand prime transparent effect on readers particularly if they encounter the lies first.

Don’t trust everything you see on social media

The proposed vaccine may help to limit the spread of fake news, but it will never eradicate it completely. Instead we all need to take some responsibility for training ourselves to spot the lies that are published online. We can start by being more sceptical about the popular stories appearing in coque carte iphone xr our timelines until they are checked against a reputable news source.

In fact, Facebook published 10 tips for spotting fake news and they work very well. By learning coque vitre iphone xr to verify the news we read ourselves, the coque samsung a3 iron man vaccine may become irrelevant.

It is also worth remembering that fake news is often about more than fooling people and influencing samsung galaxy grand prime coque samsung their thinking. Fake news sites have been coque samsung galaxy s4 mini akatsuki known to host malware that infects computers, stealing personal information, or demanding a ransom after encrypting their data.

Fortunately there is a proven vaccine for fake news related malware Panda Security Antivirus. This comprehensive anti malware kit may not stop you being fooled by fake news but it will stop your computer being infected…

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