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How to Protect Your Personal Data and Privacy on Facebook It not entirely accurate to call the incident a breach. Most of the user data that the firm, Cambridge Analytica, had access to coque iphone 5s miami was handed over willingly by those users. marble iphone 11 case Basically, those users gave Facebook permissions to a personality quiz orange coque iphone 5 app. It was only after media outlets reported that the app coque iphone 4 all black creator gave that data to Cambridge Analytica that Facebook took action and pulled the plug claiming that sharing user data was against their rules. App developers can request to access a coque iphone 7 jott lot of your Facebook data, from your religious and political beliefs, to your friends list and public posts. Services, social media sites and platforms that you use Facebook to sign up for can also ask for this data. Worse still, we may be giving coque galaxy s9 bleu access to that private data without really coque iphone anti chute thinking about it. kawaii iphone 11 case With the recent news, coque iphone se vr46 now is a good time to review and shore up your privacy practices on Facebook. coque iphone xs Here how. How to Protect Your PrivacyDigital and online privacy is a pretty expansive topic, and there are numerous facets of it that can involve Facebook and social media. So, in the interest of time, we focus on one particular area: the personal data that third party services and platforms can access and probably already do. coque samsung j3 1 Think About Who You Grant Permission ToWhen you use a Facebook app, that galaxy a70 coque silicone app will typically ask for permission to view and access some of your personal data. But it not just personality quizzes and Facebook games. There a wide range of social media platforms, websites, coque iphone maroon 5 iOS apps and services that allow you to login or create coque iphone 5ctrackid=sp-006 a new account via your Facebook profile. When you sign up for their platforms, they can also ask to see some of your personal data. Facebook privacy and permission policies also change and have tightened up in recent years. While that means their policies are stricter now, it also means that apps coque iphone 7 plus victoria secret you granted access to before 2014 may have permission to see a ton of your data. The pre 2014 permission access allows these apps to see your relationships, coque silicone galaxy s6 interests, coque iphone x chat birthdays, education history, status updates, work history, notes and a slew of data points on your friends, too. 2 Review Apps You Given Access ToYou can carefully weigh what data points third parties can access in the future and hopefully mitigate any issues. But chances are you already granted permission to quite a few apps and platforms already. Luckily, you can review the overall lists of platforms meilleur marque coque iphone 6 and parties by doing the following. If you on a computer, then use the following steps. This is where all of your app permissions live. If you spot coque iphone 5s velo an app that you not keen on having access to your data, you have two options. Revoke App Permissions. You can take away an app ability to see your data entirely. iphone xr hoesje On a computer, hover over the app in question and click the X. On mobile, tap on the app and scroll down. Alternatively, you can simply adjust the amount of data that apps can see. On a computer, coque iphone 4s skate hover over the app and click Edit. Click the blue checkmark next to coque samsung galaxy j2 2018 the particular data point you like to revoke. On mobile, tap on the app and then the data point to remove it.3 Revoke classement meilleur coque iphone 6 Data Access from Apps Other UseUnfortunately, it not just your own apps and platforms that can access your data. Your friends apps can, coque survivor galaxy s7 too. coque iphone 4 bmx That means a personality quiz that your Facebook friend signs up for can view your hometown, religious and political preferences, and other data points. To edit what they can see, try this. cover iphone 8 plus coque iphone 5s chevaux Performing the steps above only revokes current and future access to your data. In other words, third party apps may coque iphone 5s suarez have already collected your data. Those apps may very well be storing that data, too. Unfortunately, there isn a lot you can do at this point but you can try contacting the developer and asking to have your data removed. coque iphone 8 pas cher On your computer, click on the app in question. coque iphone 5 iphone 11 hoesje At the coque iphone 6 solidworks very bottom of the pop up window, you see (in small text) an option that says Report App. iphone 6 6s hoesje Scroll down and tap Report App. custodia iphone cover There nothing in Facebook policies that state developers must fulfill your request but it worth a shot. Of course, reviewing your app permissions is only one aspect of online privacy. In fact, it only one aspect of Facebook privacy. coque iphone 5 There perhaps too much to cover here, but there are a few key takeaways to coque galaxy 5a keep in mind. Know that your Facebook profile is public. Anyone can see your profile picture, gender, name and other fairly general but still personal information (even if they not your friend).

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