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Human being’s DNA may hold the answer Latest Popular Upcoming coque iphone 6 marbre rigide Popular CompareSony Toshiba Acer Dell Lenovo HP Asus Microsoft Apple Samsung Latest Popular Upcoming Popular CompareSamsung Microsoft Apple Micromax Sony LG HTC Nokia Karbonn The New York TimesJan 14, 2020 16:58:50 ISTThe threat of air pollution grabs our attention when we see it for example, the tendrils of smoke of Australian brush fires, now visible from space, or the poisonous soup of smog that descends on cities like New Delhi in the winter.But polluted air also harms billions of people on a continuing basis. Outdoors, we breathe in toxins coque iphone 6 couleur rouge delivered by car traffic, coal fired plants and oil refineries. Indoor fires for heat and cooking taint the air for billions of people in poor coque iphone 6 beats countries. coque iphone x cover iphone 7 More than 1 billion people add toxins to their lungs by smoking cigarettes and more recently, by vaping.Ninety two percent of the world’s people live in places where fine particulate matter the very small particles most dangerous to human tissues exceeds the World Health Organization’s coque samsung s7 éléphant guideline for healthy air. Air pollution and tobacco together are responsible for up to 20 million premature deaths each year.Airborne toxins damage us in a staggering number of ways. Along with well established links to lung cancer and heart disease, researchers are now finding coque samsung galaxy trend aliexpress new connections to disorders such as diabetes coque samsung premium transparente argent pour galaxy a3 2016 and Alzheimer’s disease.Scientists are still figuring out how air pollution causes these ailments. They are also puzzling over the apparent resilience that some people have to this modern coque samsung galaxy s7 ralph lauren onslaught.Some researchers now argue that the answers to these questions lie in our distant evolutionary past, millions of coque samsung galaxy s5 new argent years before the first cigarette was lit and the first car hit the road.Under a smoke filled sky, Jill Rose cools off her alpacas as a wildfire burns coque samsung s6 edge plus zelda nearby in Tomerong, New South Wales, on 4 January 2020. coque samsung coque iphone 5 pas cher Air pollution is not just a modern problem. coque samsung Airborne toxins are so pernicious that they coque samsung s6 hello kitty may have shaped human evolution. coque iphone 5 Image credit: Matthew Abbott/The New York TimesOur ancestors were bedeviled by airborne toxins even as bipedal apes walking the African savanna, argued Benjamin Trumble, a biologist at Arizona State University, and Caleb Finch of the University of Southern California, in the December issue of the Quarterly Review of Biology.Our quel coque samsung galaxy s7 forebears evolved defenses against these pollutants, the scientists propose. Today, those adaptations may provide protection, albeit limited, against tobacco smoke and other airborne threats.But our evolutionary legacy may also be a burden, coque samsung gt i9300 Trumble and Finch speculated. Some genetic adaptations may have increased our vulnerability to coque samsung galaxy a5 6 amazon diseases linked to air pollution.It is “a really creative, interesting contribution to evolutionary medicine,” said Molly Fox, an anthropologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was not involved in the new study.The story begins about 7 million years ago. coque iphone 7 pas cher Africa at the time was gradually growing more arid. bracelet homme coque iphone 7 iphone 6 6s hoesje The Sahara emerged in northern Africa, while grasslands opened up in eastern and southern Africa.The ancestors of chimpanzees and gorillas remained in the retreating forests, but our ancient relatives adapted to the new environments. They coque samsung j3 2016 etanche evolved into a tall, slender frame well suited coque samsung galaxy grand prime leclerc to walking and running long distances.Finch and Trumble believe that early humans faced another challenge that has gone largely overlooked: the etui coque samsung galaxy a7 air.Cave paintings that coque samsung galaxy s5 doctor who depict early human life and settlements. coque huawei Image credit: Flickr/ MarieBrizardFollowPeriodically, the savanna would have experienced heavy dust storms from the coque samsung camouflage Sahara, and our distant ancestors may have risked harm coque samsung s5 neo pas cher to their lungs from breathing in the silica coque iphone 6 cristal rich particles.”When the dust is up, we’re going to see more pulmonary problems,” Finch coque samsung led view said. Even today, Greek researchers have found that when Sahara winds reach their coque palestine iphone 6 country, patients surge into hospitals with respiratory complaints.The dense foliage of tropical forests gave chimpanzees and gorillas a refuge from dust. iphone xs max hoesje But the earliest coque iphone 6 super mario humans, wandering the open grasslands, had nowhere to hide. kawaii licorne coque samsung j5 goed iphone hoesje Dust was not the only hazard. The lungs of early humans also may have been irritated by the high levels of pollen and particles of fecal matter produced by the savanna’s vast herds of grazing animals.Finch and Trumble maintain that scientists should consider whether these new challenges altered our biology through natural selection. custodia samsung cover Is it possible, for instance, that people who are resilient to cigarette smoke have inherited genetic variants that protected their distant ancestors from cave firesOne way to answer these questions is to look at genes that have evolved significantly since our ancestors moved out of the forests. One of them is MARCO, which provides the blueprint for production of a molecular hook used by immune cells in our lungs. The cells use this hook to clear away both bacteria and particles, coque samsung galaxy s4 mini kawasaki including silica dust. The human version of the MARCO gene is distinctively different from that of other apes. bijoux bague That transformation happened at least half a million years ago. (Neanderthals carried the variant, too.) Breathing dusty air drove the evolution of MARCO in our savanna walking ancestors, Finch and Trumble hypothesize.Later, our ancestors added to airborne threats by mastering fire. coque iphone 8 As they lingered near hearths to cook food, stay warm or keep away from insects, they breathed in smoke.

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