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How I prix d’un onerain classique 100 925 argent sterling cree moissanite diamants cristal pierres precieuses fiancailles bagues de mariage bijoux en gros bracelet pandora Found My Way Into

Let me start off with thanking everyone who joined me in my crazy excitement over getting published. That is everyone who left comments on my blog and bracelet pandora cassé on Facebook and sent emails. A big hug back to you all, I feel much loved : )

A lot of people asked me HOW onerain vintage 100 925 argent sterling citrine pierres precieuses de fiancailles de mariage bague en or jaune anniversaire bijoux fins en gros I got my design published. While I remember what all I did to get there, I sort of forgot why I wanted to bracelet homme rouge luxe get published in the bracelet homme kenitra first place! I had started the process when I had not even seen a jewelry design magazine before, the Bead flyleaf multi couche torsade cubique zircone anneaux pour les femmes reel 925 argent sterling haute qualite bijoux fins anneau ouvert vintage Soup Cafe and Creative Bead Chat groups had not yet been started on Facebook, and I was less than a year old in this field. So even I was wondering about what made me do it. Thankfully, I had written a blog post bracelet pandora noir about it :)

The fermoir bracelet pandora magazine publishes bracelet pandora argent their call for submissions wayyyy ahead of time. When I looked, they had put up guidelines and themes for the entire year of 2012. I was too late for Spring and Summer, flyleaf ins style or brillant anneaux larges pour les femmes 100 925 argent sterling haute qualite mode bijoux fins anneau ouvert simple but bracelet homme perle pierre paul jacques was in time sécurité bracelet pandora for Fall and Winter. What impressed me was the prep work they did! For an issue coming out in September, they onerain classique 100 925 argent sterling zircon cubique pierres precieuses fiancailles mariage couple anneaux bijoux en gros taille 5 12 set the submission deadline in March. 6 months!

There were two ways to send in the submissions:

1) Pre submission by email: You can submit pictures of your projects to them. The deadline for this is about two weeks before the “in office” deadlines. They review boite a bracelet homme the pictures and respond back if they want to look at anything for further consideration. This does not guarantee that the pieces will be included, just means that they would like to take a closer look.

2) Just send everything, the piece, the instructions, everything to them directly without the pre screening.

don have any special instructions for international submissions per

se, but boule bracelet pandora there can be some trickiness surrounding shipping to and from

other countries. Customs laws are different in pretty much every

country, and often international contributors will notify us of any

special shipping methods/labeling that needs to happen on our end. It is a good idea for international artists to

look into the specific customs laws/fees in their country so that they

know bracelet pandora prix what to expect and so that we can do everything in our power to

make the shipping process a smooth in both directions.

AliceAugust 16, 2012 at 8:31 AM

Thanks for the bracelet homme cuir sport info! I printed off the Stringing bracelet homme onerain classique 100 925 argent sterling carre aigue marine pierres precieuses fiancailles mariage couple anneaux bijoux en gros sz 5 12 cuir louis vuitton guidelines. And now I just bracelet pandora or rose need to remember that when I make a piece, instead of showing it on the blog or putting it up for sale, I need to send a photo to a magazine.

Thanks again for the great info!KashmiraAugust 16, 2012 at 8:35 AM

Alice, that was one of the questions I had asked them: is it ok to put up bracelet homme 42 pics on my blog. They said yes, bracelet pandora cuir bleu it was fine. Their only condition is that your submission should not have been printed in some other magazine.

Yes, you can put it up for sale if you want to submit it since they do want clip pour bracelet pandora the piece sent to them. But if you can make another one, then that is also not a problem…

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