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We Need A Plan For The Summer

DD broke up from school on Thursday and we face 62 days of summer vacation ahead of us. Whilst she does have summer school from 8 till 1pm for three weeks, a swimming lesson and an English lesson bague or jaune diamant poire a week planned (when a friend joins us and I’m the teacher), this is not enough structure for laid back folks like us. I could see her spending days in Cyberspace watching bague or jaune ajouree endless episodes of rubbish on bague or kabyle You Tube and playing games. I’m also aware that at age seven she needs to be forming good time bague or blanc vintage or couleur sculpte cercle creux boucles doreilles goutte pour les femmes boheme metal lanterne perles pendentifs balancent boucles doreilles manchette doreille magnolia histoire d’or management habits in a way that I never did.

So we agreed a plan. And we made a chart of things that have to nouveau elegant argent couleur cristal pierres pendentifs goutte boucles doreilles pour les femmes a la mode longues chaines colore oreille manchette boucles doreilles be done before bague or jaune et camée she gets any screen time. And then we agreed that it wasn’t fair that she had a bague or entrelacée list of of things of do every day but I didn’t. So we made a chart for me too. Now we have two charts on the fridge and a plan.

DD’s five daily tasks are a bague or et diamant carrefour page of Hebrew, a page of Maths, a page of English, some Art, and Recorder. We have workbooks in Hebrew, Maths, and English that were started in school and at home and abandoned half way through. And more bague or 18k homme diamant new workbooks that we bought or were given and never bague or blanc 24 carats used. I couldn’t bear to throw out unfinished workbooks so it makes me happy that bague or jaune vintage metal antique couleur creux tissage rond pendentif boucles doreilles breloques pour les femmes boheme bronze long pendentif boucles doreilles diamant occasion they will be finished and then thrown out.

I have my recorder books from when I was in school in the early 1970s. DD starts recorder at school in September and they were told to practise over the holiday. I’m not sure how they can practise if they’ve never been taught and if they don’t have someone bague or spinel in the house who can teach them. But luckily we do and I actually wanted to start last year but she wasn’t quite ready. I’m also excited about re learning this skill. I’m two pages bague or jaune pierre de lune ahead of DD. I reckon that’s all I need to be.

Art involves anything artistic. Yesterday she drew a range of jewellery with lots of different charms for a charm bracelet. bague or blanc diamant rectangle She drew intricate pictures with beads, charms, pendants, and earrings. I don’t think Tiffany will be buying the collection but she worked on it for an hour and it was creative. Today we found you tube tutorials for drawing simple animals and she followed and drew dolphins and cats for over an hour.

My five daily tasks are keeping up to date with my grading, cleaning one room, laundry (one wash and/or any sewing that needs doing), exercise and collier femme pimkie recorder. I didn’t want to put exercise but DD made me. I could have put my foot down bague or jaune originale but she’s doing things that I chose and she doesn’t want to do so it’s only fair.

Yesterday we got up grande bague or late as it was the first day of the holiday. We walked to the shops and hauled back a trolley bag and three more bags of shopping which I had bague or blanc 750/1000 to bring up three flights of stairs. Exercise Then we made the charts and DD worked through her tasks. She got more and more excited as she ticked each task off. We didn’t have time for English as we were going to friends for dinner, so she read a story to me in bed when we got home. That was a whole day of no computer. And DD was happy. Even she bague or et diament can see that it was a day well spent.

I collier femme signe infini didn’t manage to clean a room boucles doreilles en ceramique bijoux geometriques pour femme boucles doreilles goutte deau noir et blanc brillant rond ovale double breloques acier inoxydable or do any exercise (I decided not to count the shopping yesterday and interpret it bague or blanc diamant fine more as stretching and pilates style floorwork.) I made up for it today though. DD finished all her tasks at 2.30pm and has gone on the computer for a while before we go out. We are both feeling virtuous. Early days but it’s looking hopeful…

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