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To Infinity And Bordeaux

Gazing into the star speckled galaxy makes you wonder: what is going on up there Well, as of November 2019, twelve bottles bracelet homme coq of Bordeaux are aging in the International Space Station!

To Boldly Go

Space travel can have profound bracelet homme livraison 24h effects on the human body. bracelet homme contemporain The bracelet homme corde manille rigorous tests that astronauts are put through to ensure peak physical fitness are conducted for a reason. As NASA has reported, being subjected attache bracelet homme to microgravity can cause astronauts to, temporarily, geometrique hyperbole email mauvais oeil grand goutte boucles doreilles pour les femmes vintage or gain up to two inches of height due to the lack of gravity that usually presses on the vertebrae of our spines!

And while we have evidence to prove the physical changes of space on the human body, there are still many intergalactic bracelet homme originale effects we have yet to observe. A new experiment is underway to give us answers to a question we never knew we had how does this unique connecteur bracelet homme environment impact the aging of wine

Space Cargo Unlimited, a company that charters pressurized spaceships with return capacity, are determined to discover what happens to wine as it beaqueen grande geometrie fleur micro pave rose rouge cubique zircone argent 925 gland boucles ages in space. In November 2019, a rocket bound for the International Space Station (ISS) departed from Wallops Island, Virginia. It took around two days bracelet homme torque to reach its destination, and 12 bottles of david yurman bracelet homme Bordeaux arrived unharmed and packaged in insulated metal capsules. There’s a chance that this increased development can be seen in the wine, once it’s returned to our planet, as well. Different wines age for varying spans of time here on Earth, but the curious climate of space poses new challenges to the aging moonrocy antique argent couleur vert rouge opale boucles doreilles goujon vintage pour les femmes process.

The weather has a huge impact on bracelet homme tresse cuir how spirits age. Burgundy, France, boasts cool weather, which ages its White bracelet homme tisse Burgundy wine with a stronger acidity than it would have in a warmer climate. Particular vintages are so heavily affected that experts consider the weather during growing periods when determining the optimal aging duration for a given wine which is why a separate batch of Bordeaux bottles waits here nom multiples 27 style coree a la main en bois paille armure rotin vigne tresse boucles doreilles bracelet homme perle on Earth to act as the redskins bracelet homme control group in this intoxicating experiment.

Both batches will remain untouched for bracelet homme acier plaqué a whole year, kept at an optimal 64.4F (18C), before being sent back to Earth in November 2020 for thorough investigations and comparisons. This research will take place at the University Of bracelet homme fossil acier jf85296040 Bordeaux, France.

Researchers believe that aging in the unique environment of space may have a positive histoire d’or bracelet homme cuir impact on the wine and that this investigation could influence the future of humanity’s 2019 cadeau de noel bijoux 100 925 en argent sterling rose or couleur noir cz etoile boucle access bracelet homme marques to food and drink.

The Final Frontier

The Bordeaux project is to be followed up by similar research, including an endeavor to send taouage bracelet homme grapevines to the ISS to study their growth. Through this effort, we may gain insight into methods of developing plants that thrive in difficult climates.

In the meantime, the bottles will serve as an incredibly exclusive collector’s item. Sponsors of haute qualite 925 argent sterling minimal delicat bijoux minuscule boule ronde points barre simple the project will be eligible for special gift packages, containing a number of items that have embarked on space voyages. Of course, a bottle of the Bordeaux will be nestled among them!..

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